Eliminating Odor From Cat Litter Boxes

Published on by Clyde Mendes



 Eliminating odor from the litter box is a very difficult task but it really is important for your cat’s health. We try to clean the litter box a few times a day but that isn’t always easy. Most cats will use the box 5-6 times per day so without question you should make plans to clean it at least every day. There are a few options when it comes to litter. They include:

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  • Clumping Clay Cat Litter – This also comes in scented and unscented versions. Because it envelops urine and feces into clumps it is easy to clean and does not require replacing daily.
  • Non-Clay Clumping Cat Litter – This is an interesting option. It can be made of ground wheat, ground corn cob, sawdust and other natural materials. This type of litter can actually be flushed down your toilet and it is easy on the environment. Although it does a pretty good job with odor control some materials can become moldy.
  • Silica Gel Cat Litter – While Silica dust can be harmful to cats with respiratory problems it works really well in absorbing moisture and it is flushable.
  • Pellets – This is generally made from recycled newspapers. It is very absorbent, biodegradable, flushable, burnable and environmentally friendly.
  • Traditional Clay Cat Litter – This is the cheapest option available. It is generally produced dust free and sometimes even scented. Traditional clay litter must be completely replaced every day.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, cats can be finicky. Once you find the litter that works best for you and your cat don’t confuse the issue by changing to a new product. If your cat likes the solution keep it that way and you will avoid problems.

After you have selected the box or boxes that fit best in your home and you have tested various litter materials to see what works the rest is pretty simple. Here are my recommendations:

    • Provide one cat box for each floor of your home and each cat in your home
    • Clean the litter at least once per day
    • If there is a lingering odor try spraying couple of squirts of Natures Miracle above the litter
    • Keep at least 3 inches of litter in your box
    • Completely replace the litter every couple of weeks
    • If you do not use a litter box home or cover clean the litter scattered about your floor every day
    • Wash and disinfect the litter box every month or more often if necessary. Use a mild detergent and rinse several times after cleaning.

Preventing odor permanently isn’t possible but if you follow these simple suggestions you will have a happy and healthy cat and a clean environment


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