Why You Should Have a Pet?

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Firstly, pets give the owner accompaniment and friendship. A dog, say a poodle, provides valuable accompaniment. The French ladies who stroll around with their well manicured poodles find comfort in their well groomed dogs. Some dogs are sporty and young children like playing fetch with them especially those who have no siblings to play with. Cats on the other hand, are adored by old ladies because of their mannerisms and cleanliness.

Some animals such as dogs are very useful in the field of medicine. Dogs can detect seizures before they occur, this enables epileptic people to live life normally without fear of disrupting their activities. This is particularly useful when an epileptic person is driving or handling machinery which he could lose control over. Dogs also help the blind to navigate their way around. Dogs provide the essential service of providing security. Personal dogs provide security form intruders especially at night when human visibility is little. Police dogs can sniff through bags at airports to detect drugs and other illegal substances, they can also track down suspects by the use of the scent that is left behind. Dogs are also used for hunting particularly in Europe where they are used to track down foxes. You could also invest in a purebred dog and sell its puppies to people who appreciate them. Purebred German shepherds are known for their ability to work and are used mainly by the police.

Pets are also used to transport goods and people and in communication. Horses have been used for transportation for centuries to the present day. They are handy in areas where the road network is not up to standard.

Their elegance is used during official and historical functions like weddings of British royalty; they are also used in cities like New York for joy rides through the parks. This provides the owner with a means of earning a living. You should consider owning a pet if there are rodents in your house or compound. Cats for instance, will eliminate all rats. Snakes can also be kept for this purpose but they are not preferred because most humans are intimidated by them. Snakes are mostly kept in cages if they are kept at all.

If your environment is lacking in aesthetic beauty, you should consider keeping fish. Small gold fish are easy to take care of, all they need is fresh water and food. Aquariums can be of different sizes depending on the amount of fish that you keep and the space that you have.

If you are a sports loving kind of person, consider keeping a dog or race horse. There is frisbee throwing competitions where the dog recovers the frisbee using gymnastic techniques. Horse racing is loved especially by people above forty years who get to bet on a horse and win money.

It is not justifiable to keep pets for hunting as a sport. Quails are hunted in America which is uncouth to say the least. Some time ago, the Vice President of America Hon. Dick Cheney shot a fellow hunter when he lost aim of his gun. He was for off his quail target; luckily, this incident did not end tragically.

Whichever pet you decide to keep, remember that constant care is needed: this includes visits to the veterinary officer, cleaning and companionship. Remember that pets are domesticated wild animals and may from time to time behave in an untamed manner. You will need to have a license for most pets that you keep.



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